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"Social Media Marketing" puts the "public"into pr and the "market" into marketing"

Bestfriendsagency is a social media marketing agency in india helping our clients to create there image on various social sites platform likeFacebook,Instagram,Linkedin,Twitter etc. Now a days every company or a business wheather it is small or big, all needs there social media marketing to be done at various social platform. Best friends agency handles all the social media networks such as Facebok,Instagram,Twitter and Linkedin for our clients.

What we provide in Social Media Marketing Service to our Clients

social media post

we do regular post on different-different social media platforms by which our targeted customers can know about our business.

Engagement with customer

we engage with our  targeted customers so if any client is having any problem then we can solve there query as sson as possible.

Best hashtag research

while writing content we use best hashtag wisely so that we can have very good impact on various social media platforms.

social media audit

social media audit help to evaluate and optimize the organisation profiles on various social media platforms and help the organisation.

social media advertising

we run various ads on different social media platforms by which weelp the business to get more leads and conversion to there business.

content as per post

we write content as per the post by which we can engage with our targeted people and get more sales and revenue.

our social media marketing services

Facebook promotion

Every business should have there facebook page for there business.we help you to promote your service and product at all social media platforms. we regularly post content regarding to your business which directly help your business to get the leadsfrom the social media.

Linkedin promotion

we also promote your linkedin profile to promote your business. linkedin is the great place to expand your business and can find the people who is interested in your business and want to work with you.

Pinterest promotion

we also promote your business on Pinterest to promote your business. Pinterest is the platform where we post the images and write quotes that we pin to show to the targeted customers.


Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app used globally. we also promote your business on snapchat and promote your product and services.

Instagram promotion

we also promote your business on instagram by posting extraordinarymages on instagram. we also take the pictures of your produt and post on the instagram. while posting images on instagram we use ideal hashtag so that we can reach large audience.

Twitter promotion

we also promote your business on twitter to promote your business on twitter. Linkedin is the platform where you can easily share your links and information about your business to your clients.

Tiktok promotion

we also promote your business on TIKTOK to promote your business. By adding your brand hashtag we promote your business on tiktok which help your business to grow .


we also promote your brand and products on youtube. youtube is the best platforms to promote your brand and products .


Most frequent questions and answers

In today’s world all people are using social media platforms and social media is the best platforms to introduce your brand and products.Whether it’s brand awareness, sponsored content anything we can promote that on social media platforms.

we should do daily post on all social media platforms because it help in engaging with the real customers and help in branding of our products.

A post is a image and content which we post on social media platforms for your customers to see organically. AD post is a paid post which is done to target  audience outside of your followers based on demographics and interests. 

yes, Absolutely paid advertisement is a best way to target  audience outside of your followers based on demographics and interests.

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